By definition, sculpture is the process of crafting three-dimensional art from a variety of materials. The crafting process may include carving, chiseling, and casting. Materials are varied and can include clay, stone, marble, and metal of all kinds.

In determining the value of a piece of sculpture, the appraiser has to consider the following:

    • Originality
    • The artist
    • Condition
    • Medium
    • Desirability
    • Replacement costs
    • Edition

Original artworks can hold their value over time if the artist has gained acclaim for their works. The design of the sculpture is important in determining the value because is affects the desirability of the art in the marketplace.

The professional art appraiser must research the artist to find out the time they were alive and where they lived, and to learn about the artist’s place in the art world. The signature of the artist is very important to the appraisal during the appraising process.

Condition plays a key role in determining the value of a sculpture. An educated appraiser is able to assess the condition and take damage into account when determining value.

Different materials require a multitude of skills. In the appraisal the appraiser will determine the medium and compare it to other works made by the artist to determine the proper value.

Taste in art varies in time, location, and market. Some sculptures are more desirable than others and will be more valuable. The professional appraiser uses his/her expertise to determine how much of the value is based on the desirability of the sculpture.

In doing an insurance appraisal on a sculpture, the appraiser must look to the market to compare what similar pieces have been selling for, and if the artist is alive consult, with them  and their gallery representatives to determine the cost of replacement.

Southwest Appraisal Specialists is a group made up of accredited appraisers with a variety of specializations including: antique furniture, books, coins, classic cars, dolls, guns, pocket watches, antique jewelry, contemporary, designer, and art jewelry, Native American jewelry, vintage jewelry, original art, art prints, sculptures, stamps, sterling silver, and writing instruments. Each appraiser has been tested and accredited by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) or the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), and proven to be qualified to appraise the items listed as their specialty.

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