Appraising antique jewelry and gemstones requires experience, skill, and education. Although many jewelers and salespeople write appraisals, finding the most educated one is paramount to getting an accurate value. Here are some things to expect in a professional appraisal report:

    • An estimate fee that is not based on the final appraisal value of your jewelry
    • A professionally executed appraisal or report that uses the methodology warranted by the purpose of the appraisal
    • A clearly explained description of any grading system used for evaluating either diamonds or gemstones, in language you understand
    • A statement of total value, applied to the appraisal report in a manner that cannot be altered, such as with a seal
    • A clear explanation of the appraisal or report’s limitation of use.(For example, an appraisal performed for insurance purposed can be used for that purpose only.)
    • A courteous and respectful discussion, during which any questions you have answered.

To ensure you receive the most thorough and professional appraisal which requires completion of tests and courses in their specialty, be sure your appraiser is accredited by the following organizations:

    • Certified Gemologist Appraiser, American Gem Society
    • Master Gemologist Appraiser, American Society of Appraisers
    • Accredited Senior Gemologist, Accredited Gemologists Association
    • Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America
    • Accredited Member, International Society of Appraisers

Also, be sure that your appraiser is up-to-date on the minimum standards for appraisers as published by the Appraisal Foundation in their Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

Southwest Appraisal Specialists is a group made up of accredited appraisers with a variety of specializations including: antique furniture, books, coins, classic cars, dolls, guns, pocket watches, antique jewelry, contemporary, designer, and art jewelry, Native American jewelry, vintage jewelry, original art, art prints, sculptures, stamps, sterling silver, and writing instruments. Each appraiser has been tested and accredited by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) or the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), and proven to be qualified to appraise the items listed as their specialty.

If you want an educated, accredited, and experienced appraiser to value your items, please call us at (915) 584-0022 or contact us by email at

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